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Daycare and Boarding

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 Daycare Rules & Policies

•  Spayed / Neutered over 6 months of age..
• Healthy & current shots (Rabies, DHLPP, & Bordetella). Puppies must have 3 rounds plus a Rabies shot.
• All dogs must be on a veterinarian flea control and heartworm program.
• All dogs must be non-aggressive, non-protective, and able to play well with other dogs and people.
• Please feed your dog prior to coming to daycare. Your pup will need his energy!
• Puppies are welcome after the final set of shots plus Rabies vaccination.
Illness and Accidents

Canine Daycare is much like a child daycare in that dogs can pass infections and viruses to each other. Please realize that when dogs come in contact with other dogs, there is always a chance of passing an unobserved illness.

If your dog is coughing, sneezing, vomiting or has diarrhea, we will call you to pick him up. Dogs who become seriously ill or injured will be taken to the nearest vet at the owner’s expense.

While every possible effort is made to keep your dog safe while in our care, dogs may occasionally get into ‘shoving matches’ over personal space. Even though we screen daycare candidates, accidents may occur during these situations. With a cage-less environment, you give up a certain security that a traditional kennel can provide. You need to decide if this is an acceptable risk for you and your dog.
Read our daycare contract carefully before signing.


Only non-aggressive, non-food and toy possessive dogs who are able to play well with others will be allowed in daycare. Any initial signs or later discovery of aggression is cause for immediate dismissal. Keep in mind that your dog will be around other dogs that may be either higher or lower in our pack’s hierarchy. Although the dogs are monitored, your dog may occasionally have a scratch or a nip from playing.

We may recommend training lessons for dogs that demonstrate potential, prior to admittance on a trial basis. We recommend half day sessions for these companions. Dogs who have extreme separation anxiety or have uncontrolled behavior that is not compatible with our environment will not be admitted into daycare.

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