Our daycare prices are inclusive…they include hours of fun in a positive, interactive and stimulating environment with fun activities using racquetballs, jolly balls and agility tunnels. No one does it quite like Pawparazzi. We keep our groups smaller not just for safety reasons…we believe it reduces the stress they might feel from those larger play groups. Less stress means more time to focus on socializing and having fun!

Daycare Rates

Full Day Pass – $24

Half Day Pass – $16 (7-12pm)

The following passes (Full Day and Half Day) have a 30 Day Expiration:

4 Visit Pass – $85

8 Visit Pass – $160

12 Visit Pass – $228

16 Visit Pass – $300

20 Visit Pass – $360

Half Day Visits Pass – $120 (No multi-dog discount)

Multi Dog Discount – Applies to Full Day Visit Pass Only:

2nd dog –  20% off pass

3rd dog – 25% off pass

4th dog  – 30% off pass

For example: You have 2 dogs. You buy a 8 Visit Pass. 1st dog is $160. 2nd dog is $128. Total is $288 or $36 per day.

Another example: You have 3 dogs. You buy a 16 visit pass. 1st dog is $300. 2nd dog is $240. 3rd dog is $225. Total is $765 or $48.00 per day.

Additional options:

25 Visit Pass – $575 with a 6 month expiration

50 Visit Pass – $1150 with a 6 month expiration

50 Visit Pass – $1200 with a 1 year expiration

**Passes are non-refundable. There are no additional discounts on passes. We can store your credit card information in our system if preferred. You may purchase online too. There will be a 5 day grace period on all packages for snow days, emergencies, vacation, etc.

*Contact us for multiple dog discounts and discount plan packages